FKuR Launches GMO-free PLA Products Based on PURALACT Lactides from Purac

2023-03-30 05:34:15 By : Ms. Alisa Geng
FKuR, a leading producer of high-performance bioplastics, has announced the launch of two new BIO-FLEX products that use genetically modified organism (GMO)-free polylactic acid (PLA). The new products - BIO-FLEX F6513 and BIO-FLEX F6611 - are made from GMO-free feedstocks, including PURALACT Lactides from Purac. The bioplastics can achieve temperature resistance up to 130 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The launch of the new products is expected to meet growing demand for high-quality bioplastics that are free from GMOs. The market for bioplastics has been rapidly growing driven by concerns over the environmental impact of traditional plastics made from fossil fuels. Bioplastics represent a more sustainable alternative that is derived from renewable sources, is biodegradable, and reduces carbon footprint. However, there is increasing concern over the use of GMOs in bioplastics as consumers seek more natural and environmentally friendly options.
FKuR launches GMO-free PLA products based on PURALACT Lactidesfrom Purac - Plastics News, Plastics Product, Bags, Used Machines,plastics recycling,plastic Polymers, plastic news India

FKuR's decision to use GMO-free PLA in its new BIO-FLEX products is a step towards meeting these concerns. The use of GMO-free feedstocks ensures that the products are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than traditional plastics. This aligns with the company's mission to create high-performance bioplastics that are safe for the environment and human health.

The new BIO-FLEX products will offer excellent performance and durability compared to traditional plastics, while also being biodegradable and compostable. This makes them an ideal choice for use in a wide range of applications, including packaging, consumer goods, and agriculture. The high-temperature resistance of the bioplastics also makes them suitable for use in hot-fill and in-mold labeling applications.

The GMO-free aspect of the new products also contributes to their high quality. The use of natural and sustainable feedstocks ensures that the bioplastics are free from harmful additives and chemicals that can compromise their quality. This makes them a safer and more reliable option for use in a wide range of products and applications.

FKuR's launch of the new BIO-FLEX products underscores the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The company has a proven track record in developing high-performance bioplastics that meet the needs of its customers while also being environmentally friendly. Its partnership with Purac to use GMO-free PLA underscores its commitment to meeting the growing demand for sustainable and natural materials.

In addition to FKuR's new products, Shandong Aisun ECO Materials Co., Ltd. has also introduced fully biodegradable materials and products that use natural and renewable feedstocks. The company, which was founded in 2011, has a monthly output of 800 tons and an automatic production line that meets the highest quality standards. Its products range from bags, food packaging, and agricultural films, among others.

Overall, the introduction of FKuR's new BIO-FLEX products and Shandong Aisun ECO Materials Co., Ltd.'s biodegradable materials and products represent a significant milestone in the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastics. They offer an effective and reliable solution for customers who are looking for high-performance products that are free from GMOs and harmful additives.